The Most Remote Hikes in the World

The Most Remote Hikes in the World

You can go hiking nearly anywhere, but there’s something to be said for a hiking destination where you won’t spy a city skyline everytime you peek through the trees. If you’re planning a hiking trip in the future, here are some of the most remote destinations to consider for your upcoming adventure.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There are plenty of places that you can visit in Yellowstone from the comfort of your car or a tour bus, but the Southeast Region of this national park is not one of them. This region is often called the most remote area in the United States and has stretches of untamed and unmaintained backcountry where you can walk for 20 miles without seeing one road or sign of human civilization. This hike will take some preparation and experience – especially since it’s grizzly country – but it’s probably one of the best remote hiking locations in the continental US.

Upper Mustang Trek, Nepal

When most people hear Nepal, they assume that you’re going to head to Mt. Everest and make that epic climb, but Nepal is a vast and beautiful country that has some of the most fantastic hiking vistas in the world. The Upper Mustang Trek is 115 miles long and was closed to foreigners until 1992 because it is part of the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang. The trail follows an ancient trading route that was used to move salt and other supplies between Tibet and India. In addition to providing some time in a beautiful untouched wilderness, some of the country’s oldest monasteries lie along the trek.

Willapa Bay, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most amazing views in the country, but tourists constantly bombard many of them. If you want to get away, Willapa Bay should be on your travel list. It may only be 15 minutes outside of Astoria, but you can only reach the famed salt marsh by boat. The trick is to plan your trip around high tide – otherwise, you’ll find yourself slogging through 50 feet or so mud which isn’t the best way to start a hike. It may not be the longest hike on our list, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

The 100 Mile Wilderness, Maine

This hike is part of the massive Appalachian Trail, though it ends near the trail’s terminus. It’s considered the most challenging section of the trail to hike, with no access to civilization for well over 100 miles. If you want a remote hike that isn’t too far from home, this is a fantastic choice. Just make sure you’re packed and prepared for an extended stay in the wilderness. There are no grocery stores between the beginning and end of this trail! If you reach a point where you can no longer safely continue, you don’t need to hike backward though – there are logging roads that cross the trail, so have someone handy who can take you home if you find that the trail is too much for you on the first try.

There is nothing quite like pitting yourself against the wilderness by heading out on a remote hike. Check out some of these fantastic remote hikes, but make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

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