Energy-Boosting Snacks to Take on Your Next Hike

Energy-Boosting Snacks to Take on Your Next Hike

Whether you’re setting out for a weekend-long trip or just taking a quick hike, having the right snacks can make all the difference. When it comes to choosing snacks for a hike, you want to strike the right balance between quick-burning and slow-burning energy. Keep reading to learn about some of the best energy-boosting snacks to take on your next hike.

  • Dried Fruit – This snack is full of natural sugars which act as quick-burning fuel for your body. If you’re starting to feel fatigued after climbing a particularly steep hill, a handful of raisins or dried cherries would be a great snack.
  • Nuts – A calorie-dense food, nuts are also rich in protein and healthy fats – both of these things mean that nuts are a slow-burning source of energy. Grab a handful of almonds or walnuts to snack on as you start climbing a big hill or when you’re coming up to a long stretch – the slow-burning energy will help to keep you going.
  • Jerky – In addition to being loaded with protein and healthy fats, jerky is also a salty food that can help to replenish your electrolyte stores during a long hike. Jerky is best combined with fatty and high-carb snacks like cheese and crackers.
  • Energy Bars – Protein bars, energy bars, and snack bars come in many shapes and forms but you need to be careful about which ones you choose. If you need a high-calorie snack, choose a protein bar or meal replacement bar. If you need a quick boost, an energy bar or dried fruit bar might be a good choice.
  • Fresh Fruit – Though fresh fruit takes up more space than dried fruit, it’s a great option for a quick energy boost when you need it – the moisture content can also help keep you hydrated. If you want to add some slow-burning energy, enjoy it with peanut butter or almond butter.
  • Popcorn – If you’re setting out for a low-intensity day trip and you just want a light snack to keep your energy up, popcorn is a great option. It is very lightweight so you won’t have to worry about weighing yourself down and it won’t sit heavy in your stomach. Plus, the salt will help keep your electrolytes balanced.
  • Seeds – Toasted seeds like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds are a mix of healthy fats and protein, plus some carbohydrate energy. They can also be salted to help you keep your fluid balance up. You can also mix them into trail mix.
  • Trail Mix – If you need a mixture of quick-burning and slow-burning energy, trail mix is the perfect snack. Choose one that contains both dried fruit and nuts without too much sugar. If you can’t find one in the store, it’s easy enough to make your own.

When it comes to snacking during a hike, you should plan to take a 10-minute break every hour or so and have a small snack during that break. The foods on the list above are great options because they are energy-rich, so they’ll help to keep you fueled up throughout the hike. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water during your hike as well!

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