Ladner Creek

Following part of the old Kettle Valley Railway, this trail leads to a collapsed tunnel and trestle bridge.


Total Distance: 2.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 1 hour
Average Grade: 9.0%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 90 m
Start Elevation: 440 m
Max Elevation: 530 m


Drive north from Hope on Highway 5 (Coquihalla Highway) to the Portia exit #202. Use the exit as a u-turn and enter the highway heading southbound. Immediately before the large Ladner Creek bridge is a small road leading off to the right, take the road and park alongside it near the highway.


The trailhead is located on a talus slope near where a gravel road branches off from the southbound lane of the Coquihalla Highway, immediately before the Ladner Creek bridge.

The trail initially climbs a short, steep 90 meters in elevation before leveling off at the original Kettle Valley Railway grade. Volunteers have cleared deadfall and growth from the original railway route, creating a beautiful forested path. In the early summer, wildflowers bloom throughout the flat, grassy stretch of terrain.

It is an easy 1/2 kilometer walk along the flat railway grade before progress is stopped by the remains of a collapsed tunnel. Originally constructed in the early 1900's, the tunnel was destroyed after the abandonment of the railway due to the liability concerns of the landowners. A rough trail leads up and along the mountainside, with the occasional railing and steps built into the terrain. Use extreme caution when traveling this portion of the trail as it can be very loose underfoot.

The trail ends on the far side of the collapsed tunnel and the edge of the historic Ladner Creek trestle bridge. As tempting as it may be to walk across and explore the old route on the opposite side, DO NOT cross the bridge. Almost all of the planks are rotten and one slip would mean certain death.

That said, the short trek to the collapsed tunnel and trestle bridge is extremely worthwhile and recommended for people who want to explore more of the Coquihalla area or perhaps see some of it's history.


GPS Waypoints

Trailhead N49.49480 W121.24096 10U 627378 5483950
Start of Railway Bed N49.49662 W121.24158 10U 627329 5484151
Collapsed Tunnel N49.49978 W121.24634 10U 626976 5484494
Trestle Bridge N49.50062 W121.24689 10U 626934 5484587