Post-Greendrop Trail


To Greendrop Lake

Total Distance: 13.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 6 hours
Average Grade: 6.2%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 400 m
Start Elevation: 610 m
Max Elevation: 1010 m

To Lindeman Lake

Total Distance: 5.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 3 hours
Average Grade: 8.6%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 215 m
Start Elevation: 610 m
Max Elevation: 825 m


From highway 1, take exit 119, and head south through Sardis and Vedder crossing. turn left just before the bridge that crossses the vedder / chilliwack river. drive along this road for 40km. park along the road just past post creek. the trailhead is on the left side of the road, if you hit the provincial campground, you have gone too far.


THe first part of the trail to lindeman lake is fairly easy, and lindeman lake can be reached within 45 min. beyond lindeman lake, you must cross several talus slopes in order to get to greendrop, as well as crossing post creek several times. pay special attention to the markers during the final part of the trail. from your car to greendrop lake should take under 3 hours. camping oppourtunities exist at both lakes, including 5 tent pads at Lindeman and soon to be 2 gravel pads & an outhouse at Greendrop.


GPS Waypoints

Gate N49.09788 W121.45854 10U 612523 5439481
Flora Lake Trailhead N49.09940 W121.45897 10U 612488 5439649
Post-Greendrop Trailhead N49.10069 W121.46003 10U 612408 5439791
Log Bridge N49.10505 W121.45955 10U 612433 5440276
Lindeman Lake N49.11167 W121.45998 10U 612387 5441012
Boardwalk Along Lindeman Lake N49.11733 W121.45571 10U 612686 5441647
1st Rock Field N49.11953 W121.45446 10U 612772 5441894
2nd Rock Field N49.12313 W121.45398 10U 612799 5442295
3rd Rock Field N49.12754 W121.45040 10U 613050 5442790
4th Rock Field N49.12775 W121.44928 10U 613131 5442815
2nd Bridge N49.13153 W121.44704 10U 613286 5443239
3rd Bridge N49.13202 W121.44660 10U 613317 5443294
Greendrop Lake N49.13828 W121.43629 10U 614055 5444005