Slesse Memorial


to Commemorative Plaque

Total Distance: 8.3 km (return)
Estimated Time: 3 hours
Average Grade: 10.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 435 m
Start Elevation: 660 m
Max Elevation: 1095 m

to Propeller Cairn

Total Distance: 13.1 km (return)
Estimated Time: 4.5 hours
Average Grade: 14.4%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 940 m
Start Elevation: 660 m
Max Elevation: 1600 m


Follow Highway #1 (Trans-Canada Highway) to Chilliwack, taking Exit #119 South. Follow Vedder Road until a three-way stop just before a bridge over the Vedder River. Zero your odometer here and turn left at the stop sign onto Chilliwack Lake Road. After 29.5 km turn right onto Nesakwatch Creek Forest Service Road, located immediately after the Riverside Forest Service Campsite. Zero your odometer again here.

400 meters after turning onto the forest service road, turn right at the t-junction. Although it is officially decommissioned, the road can be followed for 2.5 km in most vehicles. 4x4s or vehicles with moderate clearance should be able to follow the road for a total of 5.3 km, eventually reaching the site of the old Slesse Memorial Trailhead. The road has rougher sections beyond this point.

Instead of attempting to follow the original overgrown trail and fording the creek, follow the road on foot another 800m to the new trailhead.


* Original trail head at post, new one farther up the road with flaging tape.

* Downward grade toward river through forest.

* Tree crossing over Nesakwatch Creek with hand rail - however, has been partially knocked sideways and could make crossing difficult. Would not expect it to last long - the creek tends to have very large spring runoff.

* Follows river for a little bit before turning into a beautiful old growth forest.

* Moss-covered log over small stream.

* Somewhat muddy switchbacks leading up at the top to the old road/trail. Overgrown to the right, main trail goes to the left.

* Gradual incline that is mostly straight with some rocky stretches and wet areas consisting of mud and creeks. Can be VERY wet with water running down the trail.

* Further along the trail itself becomes a creek bed.

* Shortly after is a low easy-to-cross washout with a bit of a view of Illusion Peaks- there are a few "washouts" like this.

* Immediately after is a small creek crossing.

* Trail then turns right alongside (just before) a large avalanche chute steadily going up with many viewpoints again of the Illusion Peak to your right.

* Passes a sign marking the boundary of the "Commemorative Site"

* Soon after the boundary is a flagged/cut trail leading off to the right. Used by climbers as a descent route from Mt Slesse - the "Crossover Pass Descent".

* Few hundred meters to the large commemorative plaque and a great view of Mt. Slesse and the valley below.

* Trail continues past the plaque on the old road - very clear.

* Eventually reaches a point where the flagged trail cuts off to the left, climbing up and off of the old road.

* Someone bushy past here, but easy to follow as it climbs uphill

* Eventually reaches the crest of a ridge and follows it all the way up to the rocky terrain below Mt. Slesse where the Propeller cairn is. Crash debris in the area and incredible views.


GPS Waypoints

Parking area / Former trailhead N49.05146 W121.57358 10U 604223 5434156
Trailhead N49.04562 W121.56929 10U 604549 5433513
Large log crossing N49.04423 W121.57133 10U 604402 5433356
Top of hill / Junction with former trail N49.04122 W121.57135 10U 604407 5433021
Shallow washout N49.03578 W121.56813 10U 604654 5432421
Commemorative plaque N49.03619 W121.57875 10U 603877 5432452
Propellor cairn N49.02617 W121.58650 10U 603331 5431327