Frosty Mountain

A classic hike up Manning Provincial Park's highest mountain.


Entire Loop

Total Distance: 27.5 km (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: 8.8%
Structure: Loop - Complete
Elevation Gain: 1206 m
Start Elevation: 1202 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m

From Lightning Lake

Total Distance: 22.2 km (return)
Estimated Time: 9 hours
Average Grade: 10.4%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1158 m
Start Elevation: 1250 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m

From Windy Joe Trail

Total Distance: 29.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: 8.3%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1206 m
Start Elevation: 1202 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m


Follow Highway #3 (Hope-Princeton Highway) 67 km east of Hope to the intersection with a flashing amber light just past the Manning Park Resort. Turn right onto the road and follow it to the Lightning Lake day-use area parking lot, about 3.5 km. On your way to the parking lot, ensure that you take the fork on the road leading left and not the one that goes uphill to the Gibsons Pass ski hill area.

The alternate and less-often used trailhead for Frosty Mountain can be reached by following the Windy Joe Mountain trail, which begins with the Similkameen Trail, 3.5 km east of Manning Park Resort.


Mostly treed and a gentle climb with almost level parts for the first 9 km. At 8 km you hit a lovely bowl area called "Larch Meadows", so named due to the unique species of conifer which turn a golden color in October and shed their needles each year. Larches can be over 2000 years old and this is said to be the oldest forest in B.C. Larches grow in the interior of B.C. and the furthest west they come is Manning Park.

From here take the ridge to the summit, the last 2 km is a great workout.

At the 2 km mark the forest "opens up" after the climb from Lightning Lake. There are occasional views of Mount Hozameen and the Lightning Lakes Chain. Some beetle kill along the trail in this area. At about 4 km or so the trail levels out significantly and leads through partial meadows until reaching the campsite. The final approx 1 km to the summit is on boulders and talus. There is a well worn route but it can be tricky to see at times. There is an impressive view from the summit.

Trail begins past dam on eastern end of Lightning Lake. Frosty Creek is reached and later the trail passes through a beautiful larch forest. An alternate start from the Beaver Pond takes you along the Windy Joe Trail to the junction with Mt. Frosty Trail. This route allows a more gentle climb to the peak. Frosty Mountain is the highest peak in the park and from the summit are fabulous views of the north Cascades.


GPS Waypoints

Lightning Lake Loop Trailhead N49.06282 W120.82590 10U 658814 5436716
Concrete Bridge N49.06224 W120.82487 10U 658891 5436654
Lightning Lake Loop / Frosty Mountain Junction N49.06085 W120.82432 10U 658935 5436500
Start of Meadowy Area N49.03930 W120.82819 10U 658721 5434097
Frosty Creek Campsite N49.03079 W120.83025 10U 658598 5433147
Start of Larches N49.02699 W120.82994 10U 658633 5432725
Start of Talus N49.01401 W120.83235 10U 658498 5431277
Loop Trail Junction N49.01163 W120.83175 10U 658549 5431014
Eastern Summit N49.01066 W120.83762 10U 658123 5430894
Windy Joe / Frosty Mountain Junction N49.04779 W120.76435 10U 663359 5435176
Similkameen Trail / Windy Joe Junction N49.05766 W120.77550 10U 662512 5436249
Second Bridge N49.05846 W120.77771 10U 662348 5436333
First Bridge N49.06046 W120.78945 10U 661484 5436531
Similkameen Trailhead N49.06366 W120.79935 10U 660750 5436865