Dewdney Peak

From start of Norrish FSR via steep trail


South Trail to Cabin

Total Distance: 3.8 km (return)
Estimated Time: 2 hours
Average Grade: 30.3%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 575 m
Start Elevation: 90 m
Max Elevation: 665 m

South Trail to Summit

Total Distance: 6.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 6 hours
Average Grade: 28.0%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 840 m
Start Elevation: 90 m
Max Elevation: 930 m


Follow Highway #7 (Lougheed Highway) to the town of Dewdney, just East of Mission. Turn onto Hawkins Pickle Road just West of where the highway crosses the railroad tracks, and follow it 2.8 km. Turn on to a large gravel road and follow it until you pass a sign on the right indicating the start of Norrish Forest Service Road. 100 meters past the sign, park on the right-hand side of the road near a corner and look for the start of the 'South Trail' on the left side of the road. It can be difficult to see unless you know where to look; the flagging tape at the trailhead has all been removed.

Alternately, for the 'North Trail', continue to the 1.1 km mark of the forest service road. Park in the turn-out on the right, near a new logging spur road. The trailhead is located another 100m down the road on the left.


The south trail (known as the "Dewdney Grind") climbs directly up the southeast ridge of Dewdney Peak to a fork at 560 m. The right branch is the north trail, which descends back down to the Norrish FSR. The left branch continues up towards the ridge. If the summit is your objective, look for a faded trail to the right shortly after taking the left branch at the fork. To visit the cabin at 680 m, stay left on the well worn trail. If you decide to continue on to the summit from the cabin, a shortcut heading to the right from the outhouse connects to the marked (metal rectangles and faded ribbons) summit route, which crosses the high point of the mountain (950 m) and then descends to end at the rock bluff lookout at 850 m. The bluff lookout is to the left of the last ribbon.

The Sally Cr road system west of the summits and can be used to return to the trailheads but involves some unpleasant bushwhacking to get to and a walk of 8 - 10 km. The trail from the cabin on can use some improvement in marking, but it is easy to follow. At any point of this trail west of the cabin heading straight north will take you down a steep hillside to the Sally Rd. Snow-free for much of the year due to the low elevation and south aspect.

The Sally bypass switchbacks up a steep hillside to connect to the north trail.

The cabin is open for anyone to use. Please keep it clean and pack out any garbage.

June 19 / 08 update -- The trail has been cleaned up and new markers installed right to the rockbluff lookout at the far end . The bridge across the small creek between the high points has been reinforced and " chickenwired " .

July 10, 2011 update-- The connector path that runs to the right from the outhouse behind the cabin to the summit trail is obscured by blowdown, but usable. The north trail is better graded (has switchbacks) than the south trail (no switchbacks).

March 3, 2013 update-- Active logging has closed the north trail about 2/3 of the way down from the cabin. The south trail is still open for now.

Feb. 28, 2016 update-- The south trail is now crossed by a logging road before the cabin. The trail from the cabin to the bluff is crossed several times by logging road. No logging seems to have occurred on this section yet, and you can still pick up the trail with a bit of difficulty, if you search for markers on either side of the roads. Coming down it's harder to see markers and pick up the trail - needs flagging.


GPS Waypoints

South Trailhead N49.18477 W122.15965 10U 561237 5448336
North Trailhead N49.19345 W122.15855 10U 561307 5449302
North / South Trail Junction N49.19165 W122.16988 10U 560483 5449093
Forest Fire Affected Area N49.19247 W122.17107 10U 560396 5449183
Cabin N49.19189 W122.17520 10U 560096 5449115