Garibaldi Lake

A beautiful glacier-fed lake surrounded by mountains


to Garibaldi Lake Campsite

Total Distance: 9.0 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 3.5 hours
Average Grade: 10.2%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 920 m
Start Elevation: 580 m
Max Elevation: 1500 m

to Taylor Meadows Campsite

Total Distance: 7.5 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 3.5 hours
Average Grade: 12.2%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 915 m
Start Elevation: 580 m
Max Elevation: 1495 m


Drive North on Highway 99 from Vancouver about 33 kms past Squamish. Watch for the signs along the road, and turn right toward the Rubble Creek parking area. The turnoff is just south of the Daisy Lake dam on Highway 99. It is about 100km from downtown Vancouver.


Follow the marked trail until you get to the junction at 6 km, where the trail levels out at the top of the Barrier. Behind this volcanic rock wall are Barrier, Lesser Garibaldi and Garibaldi Lakes. The main trail forks at 6km with the right branch going to Garibaldi Lake & Mt. Price, and the left fork going to Taylor Meadows, Black Tusk Meadows, Black Tusk, Panorama Ridge and also linking to the Helm Creek Trail to Cheakamus Lake. Note that in winter conditions, the access road is not plowed all the way to the summer parking lot. This requires an additional 2km of distance, 200m of elevation gain and 45 minutes.

Garibaldi Lake: At the junction, follow the trail to the right to Garibaldi Lake. There is a short trail to an amazing viewpoint of The Barrier to your right just after the trail to Taylor Meadows. Back on the main trail you will pass Barrier Lake and Lesser Garibaldi Lake along the way, and will cross a bridge at the outflow of Garibaldi Lake. Stunning views of the lake and the Sphynx Glacier awaits.

Taylor Meadows: At the junction, follow the trail to the left for 1.5 kms to Taylor Meadows. From Taylor Meadows, easy access to Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge.

Connecting trails link Taylor Meadows to Garibaldi Lakae, and Black Tusk Meadows to Garibaldi Lake.


GPS Waypoints

Trailhead (Rubble Creek) N49.95744 W123.12018 10U 491379 5533906
Taylor Meadows Junction #1 (Kiosk and Benches) N49.94870 W123.08701 10U 493758 5532931
Barrier Lake N49.94762 W123.08348 10U 494011 5532810
Taylor Meadows Junction #2 N49.94602 W123.06480 10U 495351 5532631
Taylor Meadows Junction #3 N49.94638 W123.05669 10U 495933 5532671
Rubble Creek Bridge (Edge of Lake) N49.94566 W123.05826 10U 495820 5532591
Garibaldi Lake Campsite - Cooking Shelter #1 N49.94474 W123.05486 10U 496064 5532488
Garibaldi Lake Campsite - Cooking Shelter #3 N49.94330 W123.05455 10U 496086 5532328
Garibaldi Lake Campsite - Southern Edge N49.94219 W123.05450 10U 496089 5532205
Garibaldi Lake Ranger Station N49.94104 W123.05484 10U 496065 5532077
Garibaldi Lake Dock N49.94082 W123.05511 10U 496046 5532052