Rainbow Lake

A forested trail leads to a subalpine lake


Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 6 hours
Average Grade: 10.3%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 825 m
Start Elevation: 640 m
Max Elevation: 1465 m


Follow Route 99 through Whistler. At the last set of lights (just past the community center leading into Alpine - small store on corner, if you drive past Green lake, or the intersection to Emerald, you have gone too far), turn left and then left again at the first stop sign. Straight though another stop sign, and keep driving till you see the sign for the trail (5-10 minutes from lights). Ample parking.


Just follow the trail up! Easy enough. Nice forest hiking. In the winter the suspension bridge crossing of Gin & Tonic Creek is usually removed, and the creek can be crossed by travelling upstream 50m or so and dropping down and crossing there.

Camping is not allowed at Rainbow Lake itself, because it is in the Whistler watershed, but if you want to overnight there just keep on going around the lake, and follow the trail over a ridge to your left to a site just above Hanging Lake, where camping is allowed.

There are a few peaks to be bagged in the area, namely Rainbow and Sproatt, plus a few others.

Excellent ski touring in the winter.


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