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Mt Edziza

Trek through Mt Edziza Provincial Park


Total Distance: (one-way)
Estimated Time: 7 days
Average Grade: Unknown
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: Unknown
Start Elevation: Unknown


To hike the trail from Buckley to Mowdade Lake, you need to arrange flights in and out. You can fly from Tatogga Lake or Telegraph Creek.

To drive there, head north on Highway 37 to Tatogga Lake Resort.


The trail is well marked as it leaves Buckley Lake. The first stint is a rather challenging climb through the forest to a horse camp, at the edge of the lava flow. The trail is well defined and there is a board walk across the swampy bit.

It is good to camp at the horse camp because it can be a long walk to the next water hole.

Next, the trail skirts around Sidas Cone. It is easy to hike and it is beautiful landscape. Make sure you have plenty of water before you leave the horse camp. It is exposed, so be prepared for wind, too. Once you approach the flanks of Eve Cone, the trail kind of disappears in the shintangle. It is very obvious which way to go, keep Mt Edziza on your left and the sun on your right! The trail is marked with some cairns, but they are few and far between. Camp where you find water.

If you have time to climb Eve Cone, make sure to follow the well-marked path, as the park sign suggests.

Continue south, keeping to the west side of Tsekone Ridge. The plateau is vast and flat, so you can choose your route to suit your interests. It is important to stay close to the source of Sezill Creek to cross safely. It is good to camp near to the source of Sezill Creek because there are no suitable sites for a fair distance once you pass it.

After Sezill Creek, the trail is well-marked as it skirts Coffee and Cocoa Craters. Climb them, if you have the time. Once you pass the craters, the trail veers to the east. Follow it to Chakima Pass. The pass is very steep and exposed, so use good judgment if the weather is stormy. There is a fork in the trail before it reaches the Pass. If you keep to the east, you can save yourself several kilometers. If you don't, follow the cairns until they stop. Then head east through the bowl. You will have to hike uphill to reach the pass, but it is sheltered and there are beautiful forget-me-nots in the meadow.

After the pass, the trail follows Chakima Creek to Mowdade Lake. There is a horse camp to stay at near where the trail enters the forest. There are two camps. The one that is a bit further from the pass is cleaner, has a better fire pit AND a toilet. Good times.

The trail from the horse camp to Mowdade Lake is easy to follow. In 2007, dead fall across the upper part of the trail presented a challenge. An even more formidable challenge was the beaver pond along the trail. Bring some water shoes or sandals because there are many creeks to cross, and they were essential for following the flooded trail.

There is plenty of information on the BC Parks website, so check it out before you go. Most of all, go!


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