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 Meindl Sports Wax - worth it?
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 Posted - 07/13/2005 :  1:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply to this posting
I just bought a pair of Meindls from AJ Brooks. They recommended using the Meindl Sport Wax to condition, waterproof, etc. How does this compare to Nikwax or Dubbin?
Also, often do you wax your boots? They told me to do it after every hike to avoid having the leather shrink. This seems like overkill if you're doing day hikes every weekend.

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Raincouver, British Columbia

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 Posted - 07/13/2005 :  1:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a pair of Meindels from AJ Brooks as well. My boyfriend has some too and we end up buying a couple of little containers of the sport wax every year. Before the first hike I ever took with my boots, I waxed them, then dried them with a blow-dryer (be careful not to burn the leather) about 6 or 7 times. I stopped when the leather stopped absorbing the wax. Now I wax my boots every couple of months. I hike a lot in the snow and in wet weather, so I just pay attention to when my boots stop "beading up" with water. If they aren't beading up, it's time to wax again.

Be careful to treat your Meindls carefully. They will last a long time if you take care of them. They recommend that you clean them (brush them off, clean off any mud) after each trip. This makes the wax in the leather able to better do its job. If you don't take care of your boots and you ever have a problem with them, you will be in trouble with the German guy who works at A.J. Brooks. If you don't take care of your boots, he will chew you out! It's scary, and it keeps me motivated to take care of my boots.

So yes, the Meindel wax is worth it. I like it better than the Biwell wax I bought at MEC. These are both beeswax based (not sure what's in Nikwax and Dubbin). You have to remember when using wax that you lose any breathability your boot might have had so you might get sweaty feet. But you do get super dry feet. I have never had wet or cold feet in my Meindels. And the dry feet make up for the occaisional day of sweaty feet in the summer.

Enjoy your Meindels!

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 Posted - 07/18/2005 :  12:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A guy in Altus told me to be careful of using bee's wax because it makes the leather a lot softer than "regular" wax. Not sure if there's any truth in that.
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