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Victoria, BC

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 Posted - 04/08/2005 :  3:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply to this posting
So there was 3 couples that wanted to join this Church group. A 30 year old couple, a 40 year old couple, and a 50 year old couple. They all go to the church and meet with the pastor. He says to the couples that they are welcome to join the church, but first they must not have sex for 30 days and 30 nights. He then sends them away and says to come back in 30 days.

The 30 days passess.....

The 3 couples are once again at the church in front of the pastor.
The pastor turns to the 50 year old couple and ask's: "Did you make it, did you not have sex for 30 days and 30 nights"

To which the man replies" Yes, at our age it's not that difficult."
The pastor says great and welcome to our church.a

He then asks the 40 year old couple" Did ya make it, were you able to hold out for 30 days and 30 nights"

The husband replies"yeah we made it, it was a long and hard battle but we did it"

The pastor says "great, welcome to our congrigation"

The pastor turns to the 30 year old couple and and asks" did you make it, did you not have sex for 30 days and 30 nights"

The husband turns to the pastor and says" well, we made it up untill the 30th day, and well, " my wife bent over to pick up some groceries and bam, I just had to do it, right there"

The pastor says" well sir you realize that your not allowed in our church"

The husband says" yeah I figured, I'm not allowed in save on foods either"

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 Posted - 04/08/2005 :  7:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Peter Flynn
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Hope, B.C.

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 Posted - 04/08/2005 :  10:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, all I can say is that my dear wife and I are VERY glad that we did not try to join that church when we were ready to join one!

The one we belong to now has much less stringent rules for membership - thankfully!!!

Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.
St. Francis of Asissi

mad owl woman
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Vancouver, BC

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 Posted - 04/09/2005 :  10:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Very amusing punchline ScottMojoWright! I feel compelled to debunk this stereotype though, I've met a few couples in their fifties who were still going at it like rabbits. Back in my days as a full time herbalist, I had to do a drastic heart attack intervention on a fifty-eight year old man. I told him to try to take the herbs for four days but they would make him miserable, so maybe he should take the time off work. After three days he came back to me and said he had to stop taking them because he couldn't have sex the usual 5 or 6 times a day and he didn't know what to do with the extra hours.

Don't panic.

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Vancouver, BC

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 Posted - 04/09/2005 :  2:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I wish you hadn't just said that...

Early to bed,
Early to rise,
Fish all day,
Make up lies !!!

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