Baden-Powell Trail (Lynn Canyon to Grouse Skyride)


Total Distance: 7.0 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 2.5 - 5 hours
Average Grade: 3.2%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 305 m
Start Elevation: 275 m
Min Elevation: 195 m
Max Elevation: 500 m


To reach the west end of this section of trail, follow Highway #1 (Trans-Canada) to North Vancouver, taking exit #14 for Capilano Road North. Follow Capilano Road to it's northern end, at the base of the Grouse Mountain Skyride. Both pay parking as well as free parking along Capilano Road is available. The 232 and 236 busses operate to the Grouse Mountain parking lot daily. For bus schedules and information, visit the Translink website.

To reach the east end, follow Highway #1 (Trans-Canada), to North Vancouver, Taking exit #19 for Lynn Valley Road. Follow the road north for 3.5 km to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Park next to the main trailhead or in one of the overflow parking lots. The 228 bus operates to the Lynn Valley Road / Langworthy Street intersection daily. It's a walk of approximately 2 km to the trailhead from the bus stop.


This section of the Baden Powell trail travels more or less horizontally along Grouse and Fromme Mountains between the Grouse Mountain parking area at the base of the hill and Lynn Valley Road, crossing numerous creeks along the way. The Grouse trailhead is at the gate where the Grouse Grind starts (they split off from each other shortly up the trail). There are high points on the Grouse portion and at St George's on Fromme. The trail is far enough above residential areas that houses are usually not visible, yet tends to follow the residential fringe as it skirts the mountains, mostly at 300-500 m elevation. There are numerous trails going up to the old Grouse Mountain Highway (many are mountain bike trails), and many other trails, with well marked junctions, go down to the residential areas.

In winter the gate to the Grouse Grind at Grouse Mountain is closed. For the alternate winter route, go down to the end of parking lot C and keep going onto the Powerline Trail. This trail goes gently uphill to Skyline Road. At Skyline Road, go up the road to meet the Baden Powell Trail. In the reverse direction (travelling west), after Mosquito Creek, the BP trail passes near a house with a red roof and Tyrolean decoration, then goes up onto an old road and heads right, uphill. Go left instead to get onto Skyline Road.


GPS Waypoints

Grouse Grind trailhead N49.37140 W123.09829 10U 492864 5468749
Grouse Grind / Baden-Powell junction N49.37035 W123.09597 10U 493033 5468632
BCMC / Baden-Powell junction N49.37024 W123.09555 10U 493063 5468619
Larsen Trail junction N49.36616 W123.08732 10U 493660 5468165
MacKay Creek Trail junction N49.36501 W123.08484 10U 493840 5468037
Old BCMC Trail junction N49.36338 W123.08346 10U 493940 5467856
Skyline Road access trail #1 N49.36009 W123.08289 10U 493981 5467490
Baden-Powell Trail connects with logging road N49.35874 W123.08083 10U 494130 5467340
Baden-Powell Trail leaves logging road N49.35817 W123.07964 10U 494217 5467276
Skyline Road access trail #2 N49.35786 W123.07994 10U 494195 5467242
Skyline Road access trail #3 N49.35766 W123.07949 10U 494228 5467219
Mosquito Creek bridge N49.35744 W123.07829 10U 494315 5467195
Prospect Road access trail junction N49.35712 W123.07825 10U 494318 5467159
Viewpoint bench / St. George's Trail junction N49.35366 W123.06691 10U 495141 5466774
Abelard Canyon bridge N49.35151 W123.05986 10U 495653 5466534
Hasting Creek bridge N49.35037 W123.05432 10U 496055 5466407
Braemar Rd. access trail junction N49.34996 W123.05277 10U 496167 5466362
Kilmer Creek bridge N49.35108 W123.04998 10U 496370 5466486
Dempsey Rd. access trail junction N49.35123 W123.04977 10U 496385 5466503
Quarry Ct. access trail junction N49.35163 W123.04374 10U 496823 5466547
Mountain Highway junction N49.35624 W123.03700 10U 497313 5467059
Mountain Highway gate N49.35522 W123.03699 10U 497314 5466946
McNair Dr. access trail junction N49.35626 W123.02966 10U 497846 5467061
Mountain bike trail junction N49.35680 W123.02890 10U 497901 5467121
Underwood Ave. access trail junction N49.35761 W123.02860 10U 497923 5467211
Top of stairs N49.35781 W123.02870 10U 497916 5467233
Lynn Headwaters Road junction N49.35840 W123.02782 10U 497980 5467299