Baden-Powell Trail (Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon)


Total Distance: 12.0 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 5 hours
Average Grade: 3.4%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 405 m
Start Elevation: 20 m
Max Elevation: 425 m


The Deep Cove trailhead is at Panorama Park in Deep Cove (buses 211, 212 or C15 from Phibbs Exchange). Hikers who start at Lynn Canyon can park at either Lynn Canyon Park or Lynn Headwaters Park (buses 228 or 229 from Lonsdale Quay). About 5 km of the trail are in Mount Seymour Provincial Park and may be accessed from the Baden-Powell picnic area and parking lot located 2 km along the main road from the park entrance.


From Lynn Canyon Park, cross one of the bridges in the park (suspension bridge or your preference) and follow the trail south to the top of the canyon wall, then take a sharp turn north again to go to Lillooet Road. Cross the road and continue to the Seymour River. Past the Seymour River, part of the trail runs between residential streets in a creek valley, crossing a street at one point. Then it ascends Mount Seymour to the Mushroom Trail, then runs across to Mount Seymour Road. Crossing the road, the trail descends to Indian River Drive, continues along the Drive a half km, then descends again to Indian Arm Lookout. From the lookout, it crosses about 7 creeks (with some up-and-down) then goes down to Deep Cove, emerging on someone's driveway then crossing over into Panorama Park where the trail officially ends/begins.

From the Baden-Powell picnic area in Mount Seymour PP, one section of the trail leads west to the Mushroom Trail junction. Length 1.7km. Suggested time, 40 minutes. The other section leads east to Deep Cove 3.2km, one hour. These sections are considered moderate.

The Baden-Powell Trail was a British Columbia Centennial project initiated in 1967 by the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts of Canada. Completed in 1971.


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