Sigurd Creek Trail

Leads through the Sigurd Creek Valley past a waterfall, sections of old growth forest, and a number of viewpoints.


To Crooked Falls

Total Distance: 6.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 3 hours
Average Grade: 14.3%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 430 m
Start Elevation: 60 m
Max Elevation: 490 m

To Pelion / Ossa moraine camp

Total Distance: 17.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: 13.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1150 m
Start Elevation: 60 m
Max Elevation: 1210 m

To Second Viewpoint

Total Distance: 9.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 5 hours
Average Grade: 18.3%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 825 m
Start Elevation: 60 m
Max Elevation: 885 m


Follow Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky) a short distance north of Squamish to Squamish Valley Road, directly across from Alice Lake Provincial Park. Turn left on Squamish Valley Road and reset your odometer, following it for 26.5 km. It should be noted that kilometer markers along the route vary wildly and for the most part cannot be trusted - use your car's odometer instead.

Eventually the road will turn to gravel and become Squamish River Forest Service Road. At the 23.7 km mark, watch for a large bridge on the left and an Ashlu Valley recreation sign. Reset your odometer again and turn left, driving over the bridge. After 500 meters continue straight over another bridge and ignore all side roads until you reach a construction checkpoint at 1.6 km for the Ashlu hydroelectric project. Sign-in if necessary, then continue over two more small bridges at 2.1 km and 2.2 km respectively.

Immediately after the second bridge, the road curves sharply to the right. Park safely to the side of the road immediately after the corner, across from an extremely rough road on the left marked with a trail sign. Tough 4x4 vehicles might be able to drive up the road a little closer to the trailhead, but most people continue on foot.


The trail climbs very steeply past a number of scenic viewpoints and crooked falls, a spectacular waterfall. At 900m, the steep climb ends as the trail enters the Sigurd Creek Valley. At 1000m elevation, the trail forks. The left fork crosses Sigurd Creek on a log bridge to access climbing routes on Pelion and Ossa. There is a good campsite on a flat moraine area below the large glacier on the north side of Mt. Ossa.

The right fork of the trail continues, complete with orange markers, for another kilometre or so on the north side of the creek until damp meadows just beyond the small lakes at GR722254. Here the creek is braided and is easy to cross. The trail vanishes at this point (I believe this was the old route to the moraine camp, so some vestige probably continues to the south, but I haven't explored that).

From this point I recommend continuing to follow the creek west for another kilometre or so until you reach the large lakes at the end of the valley. This is not really a bushwack; a pleasant ramble through sparse rhododendron and azalea. Nonetheless, one should be comfortable with and equipped for off-trail navigation. The lakes provide idyllic campsites, although the surrounding heather might disagree. Tread lightly.

Currently one image is the view west from the first lake.

* Follow rough road uphill for 800 meters / 90 meters gain

* Watch for trail sign and foot path on left. Initially leads south, following above Ashlu Creek on what used to be a road, long long ago.

* Passes beneath a "wet rock face", water dripping down over moss

* There's a viewpoint after the "wet rock face" of the Ashlu Valley

* Maybe 100 more meters before the trail leaves the old road

* Another 350 meters to another viewpoint, this time a better one on a small rock bluff.

* Trail turns right (west) and climbs up through old growth

* Becomes extremely steep

* Turns left (south) and steep section ends. Eventually reaches junction with Upper Crooked Falls viewpoint trail.

* Upper Crooked Falls is 300 meters from the junction, straight ahead. Good viewpoints of the waterfall, good spray!

* Following the main trail from the falls junction, climbs uphill past a switchback to a junction with the trail to summit.

* Past the summit junction, the trail leads directly through the Sigurd Creek Valley alongside the creek. Trail can be slightly marshy/wet/muddy here.

* Eventually passes a high point near a knoll - turn left here (easy to miss) and climb up a very short distance to the knoll. Great viewpoint, and most people's destination for the day.

* Trail continues to 1000m in elevation, where it forks. The right fork continues up the valley past some small lakes to some meadows.

* Left fork heads to Ossa/etc.


GPS Waypoints

Parking N49.91052 W123.32297 10U 476811 5528732
Trailhead off of rough 4x4 road N49.90799 W123.32404 10U 476733 5528451
Below rock face N49.90520 W123.32262 10U 476833 5528140
Viewpoint #1 N49.90495 W123.32220 10U 476863 5528112
Trail leaves old road N49.90424 W123.32180 10U 476892 5528033
Viewpoint #2 N49.90364 W123.32186 10U 476887 5527967
Old growth trees N49.90348 W123.32304 10U 476802 5527949
Upper Crooked Falls junction N49.89951 W123.32647 10U 476554 5527509
Upper Crooked Falls N49.89745 W123.32423 10U 476714 5527279
Sigurd Peak junction N49.89923 W123.32928 10U 476352 5527479
Small rock cave N49.89836 W123.33043 10U 476269 5527382
Knoll viewpoint N49.89410 W123.34649 10U 475114 5526914