Petgill Lake

Popular trail from Murrin Park to subalpine lake.


Total Distance: 11.5 km (return)
Estimated Time: 6 hours
Average Grade: 11.2%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 645 m
Start Elevation: 130 m
Max Elevation: 775 m


Take the Sea to Sky highway and park in the Murrin Park lot ~4km before Shannon Falls. Pay parking in effect. In the summer, the lot gets very busy since this is a popular climbing area.


Carefully cross the Sea to Sky during a lull in traffic and walk north along the highway for a few hundred meters. Look for the trail sign and trail leaving off to your right.

See trip report here:

GPS stats were -

Total Distance: 9.83km

Total Elevation Gain (cumulative): 891m

Total Time: 3 hours, 58 minutes


GPS Waypoints

Trailhead N49.64813 W123.20188 10U 485427 5499529
First Viewpoint N49.64979 W123.19668 10U 485802 5499713
Second Viewpoint N49.64948 W123.19475 10U 485942 5499678
Third Viewpoint N49.64920 W123.19423 10U 485979 5499646
Trail joins old road N49.64864 W123.19229 10U 486119 5499584
First creek crossing N49.64669 W123.18544 10U 486613 5499366
Second creek crossing N49.64709 W123.18344 10U 486757 5499410
Trail leaves old road N49.64311 W123.18412 10U 486707 5498968
Bluffs N49.64490 W123.17392 10U 487444 5499165
Junction with trail to Goat Ridge N49.64538 W123.16785 10U 487882 5499217
Petgill Lake viewpoint N49.64609 W123.16755 10U 487904 5499296
Junction with trail to final viewpoint N49.64691 W123.16828 10U 487852 5499387
Final viewpoint N49.64732 W123.17006 10U 487723 5499433