Flower Lake Loop

Route from Seymour parking lot to subalpine wetland area, Goldie Lake, Flower Lake


Total Distance: 3.3 km (return)
Estimated Time: 2 hours
Average Grade: Unknown
Structure: Loop - Complete
Elevation Gain: Unknown
Start Elevation: 1000 m


From Highway #1 (Trans-Canada Highway), head north over the Ironworkers Memorial (Second-Narrows) Bridge in the middle lane. Take the third exit after the bridge (#22a), signed as Mount Seymour Parkway. Turn right onto Mount Seymour Parkway almost immediately and follow it 4.4 km before turning left onto Mount Seymour Road.

Follow Mount Seymour Road as it winds it's way up the mountain. Drive to the end of the large parking lot at the end of the road. Start at the Mount Seymour Trail kiosk, to the left of the Mystery Peak chairlift. Mount Seymour Provincial Park requires parking passes for vehicles during the summer months.


Follow the marked trail east and down from the Seymour parking lot. It descends to the lakes area where you can explore a nice subalpine wetland. It should be mentioned that it's a fragile ecosystem so please stay on the trails wherever possible.

Access sometimes rerouted in winter, and caution should be taken in foggy conditions as offtrail routefinding in the area can be a challenge. This is a public access trail and you do not need to pay for access to snowshoe unless you use the resort trails

You'll enjoy this easy to explore area, and it's a nice trail for a more casual outing because it isn't too demanding. Also a good spot for the occasional wildlife sighting.

Starts 500 metres along the Goldie Lake Trail.

Flower Lake - small lake located next to the Lodge Chair ski lift.

Goldie Lake - small lake located in the middle of the park east of the ski area.


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