Pierce Lake Trail

A steep knee knacker with a mile of elevation gain to Mt. MacFarlane


to Mount MacFarlane

Total Distance: (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: Unknown
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1640 m
Start Elevation: 450 m
Max Elevation: 2090 m

to Pierce Lake

Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 8 hours
Average Grade: 12.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
Start Elevation: 450 m
Max Elevation: 1450 m

to Upper Pierce Lake

Total Distance: 21.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 10 hours
Average Grade: 12.9%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1350 m
Start Elevation: 450 m
Max Elevation: 1800 m


Head up the Chilliwack Lake Road roughly 20 km. The turn-off is a bit hard to spot, so once you've passed the Fish Hatchery, crossed the Slesse Creek Bridge and driven up the short and steep hill, you'll see a CFB rifle range to your right and a main entrance shortly after the top of the hill.

Continuing along, you'll see a gated gravel road to your right soon after, and the next road to the right I believe is the Road that takes you to the Pierce Lake trailhead. There is signage now, so look for the trailhead sign.

Turn right and follow this road a few hundred metres until you come to a parking area. Park here, and the trail begins behind the large log to your right as you enter the parking area.


The trail is pretty much all forest until you reach the lower lake, which is a good 3 hours and pretty darn steep.

One nice feature along the way though, is after around 2 hours of hiking, there is an old burn which opens up the forest and provides some good views of Mt. Mercer and some of the Cheam Range.

The trail then drops a bit through some lovely old growth forest and then crosses Pierce Creek itself, which is a great spot to take a breather.

The trail for the most part is in pretty good shape, but there are some muddy areas between the Pierce Creek crossing and Pierce Lake that can be a bit tricky to keep your footwear dry.

Pierce Lake itself is quite picturesque and has some good fishing opportunities. There are some camping areas by the lake, but unfortunately much garbage has been left behind by previous imbeciles.

Should you wish to continue to the upper lake, it's roughly another 1.5 hours, and a bit of route finding may be necessary, although there is a trail that heads to the upper lake. There's a nasty muddy area in a meadow just above Pierce Lake as you make your way to the upper lake, but other than that, it's not a bad trail. Great views begin as you leave the forest and make your way into alpine.

The upper lake is a beautiful deep hue of blue and usually has some amount of ice on it year round. There are also a few campspots beside the upper lake as well. Mt. MacFarlane rises prominently above the upper lake, and is another hour or so along a sharp ridge trail in order to gain the summit itself. If you are afraid of heights, you might not want to continue past the upper lake to MacFarlane, as you will be very close to some impressive drop-offs.


GPS Waypoints

Parking area N49.08429 W121.67559 10U 596706 5437671
Trail leaves old road N49.08338 W121.67636 10U 596651 5437569
Trail crosses logging road N49.08216 W121.67488 10U 596762 5437435