Coquitlam Lake View Trail

A hike up overgrown roads to a view over Coquitlam Lake.


Total Distance: 11.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 4.5 - 5 hours
Average Grade: 10.8%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 595 m
Start Elevation: 320 m
Max Elevation: 915 m


From Highway #7 (Lougheed Highway) in Port Coquitlam, turn north on to Coast Meridian Road. Follow Coast Meridian north for 5 km and up a hill. Turn right on to Harper Road, following signs for the Hunting and Fishing club. Continue as the road transitions to gravel and park near the gated road loading into the park on the right, just before the gun club.

The C38 bus operates from Coquitlam Station to the Port Coquitlam area daily. Get off at the "David at Oxford" stop (#53803), then walk east for 500 meters on David Avenue to Coast Meridian Road. Turn left on Coast Meridian and follow it 1.3 km to Harper Road. Continue on Harper road for 2 km to the park entrance, a walk of approximately 50 minutes from the bus stop. An alternate walking route is to turn right off of Coast Meridian on Highland Drive to Argyll Street, then head up Argyll to a short path that goes up to Harper Road. For bus schedules and information, visit the Translink website.


Start at the Harper Road park entrance. Go up the service road, go left, then right, following the sign to Coquitlam Lake View Trail. Go left after about an hour (from park entrance), where the trail splits (there is another sign). Or, alternately, to get to this same point, go up the main service road to where a small trail goes off to the left where the road goes up a steep hill. This takes you to the same junction where the trail splits.

From the junction, the trail goes up an old logging road uphill, then levels off. After crossing a major creek (with a dry crossing), the old road splits (about 20-25 min from junction), with one branch continuing on and the other going uphill steeply. Take the uphill branch. The trail goes up a steep stretch, then levels off and ascends gently northward along the side of the hill to a lookout.



GPS Waypoints

Harper Road gate / park entrance N49.31377 W122.74903 10U 518241 5462367
Junction with Lakeview Trail (side road) N49.31260 W122.74409 10U 518600 5462238
Junction with Woodland Walk Trail (side road) N49.31632 W122.74450 10U 518569 5462652
Powerlines N49.32146 W122.74408 10U 518598 5463223
Pritchett Creek crossing N49.32882 W122.74168 10U 518769 5464042
Junction with old side road on left (dead end) N49.33114 W122.74274 10U 518692 5464300
Junction with connector to main road N49.33390 W122.74115 10U 518806 5464607
Coho Creek crossing N49.34137 W122.74017 10U 518874 5465438
Old road splits into upper and lower branches N49.34192 W122.74136 10U 518788 5465499