Lucky Four Mine

A miners' pack trail created in the early 1900's follows a scenic route along old-growth forest and sub-alpine meadow. Beautiful views of Jones Lake and the glaciers along the Cheam Range.


To Conway Peak

Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 8.5 hours
Average Grade: 15.7%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1259 m
Start Elevation: 737 m
Max Elevation: 1996 m

To Lucky Four Mine

Total Distance: 18.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 10.5 hours
Average Grade: 13.2%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1188 m
Start Elevation: 737 m
Max Elevation: 1925 m

To Mile High Campsite

Total Distance: 13.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 7 hours
Average Grade: 13.8%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 898 m
Start Elevation: 737 m
Max Elevation: 1635 m


Drive East from Bridal Falls on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) to the Jones Lake / Laidlaw exit, approximately halfway between Hope and Bridal Falls. Approximately 200-300 meters after exiting the highway a gravel road branches off to the right. Signs indicate that it leads to the BC Hydro recreation sites at Jones Lake. Follow this rough gravel road 8 km to the South end of the lake. Most cars with reasonable clearance should be able to drive on the road.

At the point near the lake where the road forks, take the left fork along the East side of the lake. Follow the road for approximately 4 km, passing the campsite and cabins along the lake. Near the far end of the lake, a small branch road leads to the left. If the main road curves to the right and goes over a large bridge to a gate, you have gone 200 meters too far. If you do not have a 4x4 with reasonable clearance, you will need to park here. Otherwise, follow the branch road over 22 water bars to a major washout. Park here, the trailhead begins on the opposite side of the washout.


* Large washout, well trodden trail alongside it to right, small bridge (maybe?) at bottom

* Road mostly overgrown but cleared enough for a trail

* Viewpoint near top of Jones Lake (see GPS coordinate)

* Soon after viewpoint leave main road and turn onto old branch road. Look for three large logs… were they to the right or over the main road? I think the 3 logs were on the right with one over the road. There is an arrow on the ground and multiple flagging tape.

* Follow side road short distance. It's quite overgrown, barely looks like a road

* Trailhead is easy to find from overgrown road, head up small embankment and enter forest

* Trail through forest follows ridge, straight for the most part

* Occasional great view of glaciers!

* Slightly overgrown but not bad, considering

* A few creek crossings, 1 or 2 are iffy. Last creek crossing in "half meadow forest" is worst (see GPS)

* Trail eventually meets original road - covered with courdouroy planks. Oh god they are slippery

* Forest eventually opens up to half forested meadow soon after joining plank road. I believe this is just before the nasty creek crossing. There is some artifacts here and there

* Trail opens up to full meadows

* Not long from start of meadows to mile high campsite, exactially 1 mile above sea level :-)

* Plaque at mile high campsite, metal scraps and artifacts. 1 or 2 spots to camp. NO WATER NEAR CAMPSITE!! Pack it all in!

* Trail leads through meadow past mile high campsite heading uphill before reaching base of Conway's rock faces. Multiple cairns lead a route up to the top of the ridge where there is a tarn in the heather.

On top of the ridge there are two "barely visible in the intermittent heather" trails. One leads left to Conway, the other right to the South end of the ridge.

* The ridge is not flat, it has 4-5 "bumps"

* The final bump is largest, just before Foley. Difficult scramble down to (part of) Lucky Four Glacier

* Old building remains at top of glacier

* Scramble down smooth (but stable) rock and boulders on ***North*** side of glacier. At bottom of glacier follow along it to debris on small ridge. Mine is there.

* Two mine entrances, one on a cliff (inaccessable). Small "lobby" zone before very muddy shaft


GPS Waypoints

Road Washout (Trailhead) N49.20086 W121.58769 10U 602882 5450745
Route Leaves Main Road N49.19427 W121.57629 10U 603727 5450028
Actual Forest Trailhead N49.19294 W121.57638 10U 603723 5449880
Forest Opens to Partial Meadows N49.18424 W121.56859 10U 604309 5448923
Mile High Campsite N49.17555 W121.57478 10U 603876 5447949
Tarn at Crest of Ridge N49.17222 W121.56874 10U 604323 5447587
Lucky Four Mine N49.16364 W121.58166 10U 603399 5446615