Burke Ridge Trail

Old logging roads and a ridge trail.


Total Distance: 24.4 km (return)
Estimated Time: 6.5 - 7 hours
Average Grade: 7.6%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 930 m
Start Elevation: 320 m
Max Elevation: 1250 m


From Highway #7 (Lougheed Highway) in Port Coquitlam, turn north on to Coast Meridian Road. Follow Coast Meridian north for 5 km and up a hill. Turn right on to Harper Road, following signs for the Hunting and Fishing club. Continue as the road transitions to gravel and park near the gated road loading into the park on the right, just before the gun club.

The C38 bus operates from Coquitlam Station to the Port Coquitlam area daily. Get off at the "David at Oxford" stop (#53803), then walk east for 500 meters on David Avenue to Coast Meridian Road. Turn left on Coast Meridian and follow it 1.3 km to Harper Road. Continue on Harper road for 2 km to the park entrance, a walk of approximately 50 minutes from the bus stop. An alternate walking route is to turn right off of Coast Meridian on Highland Drive to Argyll Street, then head up Argyll to a short path that goes up to Harper Road. For bus schedules and information, visit the Translink website.


There is a mapboard by the gate. The lower section of the trip has two options to get to the old ski area. The logging road approach is written here. Allow more time for the Sterling Loop route.

Walk (or cycle) up the road from the gate. Ignore the first left turn (goes to Woodland Walk, Coquitlam Lakeview and can be used to gain Burke Ridge further up - check the map), but at the next junction go left on the main road. Stay on this road as it winds its way up to a flat area. Here the road splits. Take the right more obvious route. (There used to be a gate here but only the posts remain.) The road rises, curves to the right and then flattens out for a bit.

After a while it curves to the left and starts rising more steeply. The road is also in poorer shape. Stay on the main route ignoring branches on either side (Village Trail is one branch on the right). Eventually you will reach an open area where there is not much left of the old ski village area.

At the top of the road take the flagged trail. This will take you to Ted Kay Lake in about 35 minutes (passing two other lakes on the way). From here one trail goes to the summit and the other goes back down to Harper Road via Hourglass and Lily Pad Lakes (Sterling Loop Trail) - the junction is well marked, pointing the direction to Hourglass Lake [via Sterling Loop Trail] or on to the summit. The summit trail winds its way along to the summit, about 50 minutes from Ted Kay Lake. A trail coming up from Dennett Lake will come in from the right (east) about five minutes after the Sterling Loop junction. Beyond the summit, the trail continues on to Widgeon Slough.

As a winter destination this makes for a great snowshoe or ski tour. The area is well used by snowmobiles though.


GPS Waypoints

Harper Road gate / park entrance N49.31377 W122.74903 10U 518241 5462367
Side road junction #1 (to Lakeview Trail) N49.31260 W122.74409 10U 518600 5462238
Side road junction #2 (to Powerline Trail) N49.31148 W122.74262 10U 518708 5462114
Powerlines N49.31939 W122.74013 10U 518886 5462994
Side road junction #3 (to South Slope Trail) N49.32775 W122.73772 10U 519058 5463924
Junction with Gunner's Trail N49.32220 W122.72842 10U 519736 5463310
Junction with Village-Lake Trail N49.32937 W122.72152 10U 520234 5464109
Start of Burke Ridge Trail N49.33979 W122.71235 10U 520896 5465270
Twin Lakes N49.34557 W122.70851 10U 521172 5465913
Ted Kay Lake N49.34981 W122.70778 10U 521224 5466385
Junction with Sterling Trail N49.35036 W122.70820 10U 521193 5466446
Junction with to Dennett Lake Connector Trail N49.35101 W122.70685 10U 521291 5466518
Burke Summit N49.36232 W122.69518 10U 522133 5467779