Gibson Lake Trailhead Loop Trail


Total Distance: 2.5 km (return)
Estimated Time: 1 hour
Average Grade: Unknown
Structure: Loop - Complete
Elevation Gain: Unknown
Start Elevation: 1536 m


Turn off Hwy 3A at Kokanee Creek Park (19km north of Nelson) and follow the gravel road for 16 km tot he parking area at Gibson Lake.


The trailhead elevation is 1536 metres with picnic tables, outhouse, day use shelter and views of surrounding peaks and old mine workings, flowers in season, and subalpine vegetation. There is also good fishing. Fires and pets are not allowed.

Points of interest:

Gibson Lake - A small lake between Outlook Mountain and Grays Peak. Elevation of 1536 metres with picnic tables, outhouse, and day use shelter. It is recommended for overnight stays that you surround your vehicle with chicken wire to protect it from porcupines that like to chew on rubber.

Outlook Mountain - Peak 260 metres west of Gibson Lake.

Grays Peak - Elevation 2100 metres. East of Gibson lake.

Kokanee Lake - Scenic views, marmots and pikas can be watched along the side of Kokanee Lake. The lake is located next to the Kokanee Glacier at an elevation of 2000 metres.

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