Castle Creek Trail (to Monument 78)


Total Distance: 24.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 8 hours
Average Grade: 1.7%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 200 m
Start Elevation: 1121 m
Max Elevation: 1321 m


Follow Highway #3 (Hope-Princeton Highway) 3.5km east of the Manning Park Lodge. Pull into the Monument 78/83 trailhead parking area on the right-hand side of the highway.


Park at the Monument 78/83 parking lot and slog your way up an old service road until you reach Monument 78 and the start of the Pacific Crest Trail/Pasayten Wilderness. Here you will find a horse corral and several campsites nearby. Crossing over the newly constructed bridge will bring you to a private site next to the river. If the mosquito's are begging for more than you're willing to give to enjoy this spot, cross the bridge and follow the trail up to the Windy Joe campsite. Here you will be rewarded with less bugs and great views. (Water can be tough to find in late summer.)

It's possible to create a loop hike by returning via the Northern portion of the Pacific Crest Trail and connecting to the Windy Joe trail parking lot.

Special Note: Be advised that if you are entering into the States via this trail, you must have written permission from US Customs (Homeland Security) on your person. You must also carry I.D.

Rumour: Castle Creek near the border is rumoured to have a heathly population of Brown Trout. (Yes, Brown Trout!) Check fishing regulations before adding lemon butter.


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