Chipmunk Caves

A series of small limestone caves along the shore of the Chillwack River.


Total Distance: 2.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Average Grade: 0.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Loss: -5 m
Start Elevation: 355 m
Min Elevation: 350 m


From Highway #1 (Trans-Canada Highway), take exit #119 south for Sardis. Continue straight on Vedder Road for at least 15 minutes until you reach a three-way stop directly in front of a silver metal bridge. Zero your odometer and turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Road.

Follow Chilliwack Lake Road for 25.7 km, where there is two small gated roads leading to the left. Take the second road, located approximately 1.5 km after the "Larson Holdings" sign. If you cross over the Chilliwack River and pass the turnoff for Chilliwack Bench Forest Service Road you'll know you've gone too far.

If the gate on the side road is open, drive it as far as you are able to. Otherwise, park alongside the gate.


The gated road described in the directions above is what remains of the original Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road. On foot, follow what remains of the road to the river, where a bridge has been removed. Turn left and follow a smaller, still obvious track as it parallels the river heading West. Approximately 350 meters later, the ATV-wide track crosses a small wooden log bridge and opens up into a damp, mossy area near the river.

If you look to your left alongside the river, you'll notice a number of moss and algae covered ladders and ropes lead upwards and into small cave openings in the hillside. Further down the river, a small rope dangles over the water, indicating yet another cave entrance that might otherwise have been overlooked. All of the caves are relatively small and fairly muddy most of the time.

In addition to the caves, a few dangerously steep 'deer trails' can be followed along the hillside further West, leading to some beautiful, more secluded locations along the Chilliwack River.

Given the ease of access to the caves from Chilliwack Lake Road, the area can occasionally be home to a variety of garbage left by campers and other party-goers. As of January 2007 however, the area was extremely clean and well kept. Please help preserve the area for future generations - set a good example for others and pack out any garbage you find in the area.


GPS Waypoints

Gate N49.10022 W121.64060 10U 599229 5439487
End of Drivable Road N49.10368 W121.64023 10U 599249 5439872
Route Turns Left onto Smaller Track N49.10556 W121.64025 10U 599244 5440081
Chipmunk Caves N49.10549 W121.64439 10U 598942 5440068