BCMC Trail

A less crowded and slightly longer alternative to Grouse Grind. Often used as part of a loop hike to the Grouse Mountain chalet.


Total Distance: 3.3 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 1.5 hours
Average Grade: 23.4%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 772 m
Start Elevation: 338 m
Max Elevation: 1110 m


Follow Highway #1 (Trans-Canada) to North Vancouver, taking exit #14 for Capilano Road North. Follow Capilano Road to its northern end, at the base of the Grouse Mountain Skyride. Pay parking in Grouse Mountain Resortlots all year; limited free parking along Capilano Road is available in summer.

The 232 and 236 buses operate to the Grouse Mountain parking lot daily. For bus schedules and information, visit the Translink website. Evo car use now is available to this trail, with parking spots near the Baden-Powell / Grouse Grind Trailhead


This trail is a slightly longer route to the Grouse Chalet, and usually gets somewhat less traffic. Scenery is similar, but the upper reaches of the trail crosses through some old growth forest. As with all trails up Grouse, it's a steep track and a good workout, and the usual cautions apply: snow can be encountered on the BCMC trail till Mid-May some years.

This area is to be incorporated into a new Regional Park by Metro Vancouver as of May 1st 2017.

Start hiking East along the Baden-Powell trail from the steel gate in summer. Now after about 170 m past the gate the Baden-Powell trail heads East, and the old remains of the Grouse Grind (1986-2006) start point are the left. Keep straight here and cross a dry creekbed, where there are numerous pieces of flagging from hydrology studies (debris flow area). On the other side of the creekbed there is a junction where the BCMC Trailhead signs are seen on trees (the Baden-Powell trail continues Eastward towards Skyline Drive). Turn left here heading up the hill, following the numbered BCMC red trail markers: The BCMC Trailhead is also accessible from the east along the Baden-Powell from Skyline Drive, but parking is limited.

Once you reach the Grouse chalet, you can hike down the BCMC, or take the Grouse Mountain Skyride for a fee of Ten Dollars. The Chalet can often be booked for private functions, so services may be limited.

Itemized description of BCMC Trail:

* Parking Lots 292m.

Note: Steel gate in fence is closed by Metro Vancouver from November to mid-May for 'Seasonal Closure'.

* Tag #2 338m BCMC Trailhead on Baden-Powell Trail

* Tag # 17 415m Trail starts to switchback more steeply here

* Tag #27 478m Tree archway over the trail

* Tag #31 Junction. Trail goes left (facing uphill) into ravine of creek then follows ravine up about 100 m and then climbs steeply out of ravine to rejoin BCMC trail at Tag#46. This is also an old indistinct crossover to the Grind. It also connects to the Flint and Feather Trail. This is also the 1/4 point in elevation for the BCMC. There are two white stripes painted on the uphill side of a tree on the trail.

* Tag #46 Junction. A Trail comes out of ravine. There is a blue X painted on a tree left of the trail

* Tag #57 Junction. A trail goes to the right, it is the old BCMC and it continues to the junction with the Larson Trail at the "Private Property" signs. Tags begin about 50m along trail. There is a pleasant viewpoint on this trail about 100 m west of the Larson junction. This block of private property is where the old BCMC Cabin was located.

* Tag #78 688m Junction. A trail goes to the right downhill and it continues to a junction with the Larson Trail at the same place as the previous trail.

* Tag # 81 700m White paint on a tree. This is the site of a former cabin and now has a dense patch of small trees on a rock ledge above the trail. This is the half way point in elevation.

* Tag #88 736m A University of Toronto Air Quality Research project with a "Do Not Touch" sign is visible above the trail.

* Tag #99 805m

* Tag #118 907m Junction. Larson Trail goes to the right downhill. This is the 3/4 point.

* Tag # 129 971m Viewpoint for Capilano Lake

* Tag # 135 1001m Another Viewpoint with Simic Trail very near right side of trail.

* Tag #138 1026m Bridge over small creek

* Tag # 145 1065m Road just ahead. Flint and Feather joins BCMC near here.

* Pipeline 1075m

* Grouse Grind Timer Clock 1110m

* Top of Red Skyride 1118m

Return to parking lot by BCMC Trail, or by Grouse Mountain Gondola ( $10 single ride/$99 season pass.)

This makes total elevation gain to be 1110m - 338m = 772m


GPS Waypoints

Grouse Grind trailhead N49.37140 W123.09829 10U 492864 5468749
Grouse Grind / Baden-Powell junction N49.37035 W123.09597 10U 493033 5468632
BCMC / Baden-Powell junction N49.37024 W123.09555 10U 493063 5468619
Start of switchbacks N49.37149 W123.09331 10U 493226 5468758
Simic trail connector #1 N49.37434 W123.08156 10U 494079 5469074
Bridge N49.37552 W123.08132 10U 494097 5469205
Simic trail connector #2 N49.37592 W123.08136 10U 494094 5469250
Upper Flint & Feather trail junction N49.37745 W123.08247 10U 494014 5469420
Grouse Chalet (top of BCMC trail) N49.37879 W123.08301 10U 493975 5469569