Mount Harvey Trail

Popular trail from Lions Bay


Total Distance: 13.7 km (return)
Estimated Time: 7 hours
Average Grade: 20.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1405 m
Start Elevation: 240 m
Max Elevation: 1645 m


Starts in Lions Bay, same location as The Lions (Binkert) Trail.


Start as per the Lions trail. After ~40 minutes along the gravel/forest roads (bearing right at every major intersection), the Mt. Harvey trail angles off to the left. If you make it to a small cascade of water on Alberta Creek, you have gone too far - back track 20m. Look for a carved post "Harvey" marking the trail. There is also a pile of rocks on the forest road itself that should mark the spot.

The first 20 minutes or so of the trail climbs quite steeply along the side of Alberta Creek. Numerous old yellow ropes are tied to the trees to help you along. These ropes have been there so long that the trees have started to grow around them. After about 20 minutes, a spur trail forms to the right and leads to a view of a small falls down Alberta Creek, about 20m from the main trail.

The trail climbs steadily, switchbacking up the second growth forest. The path is easy to follow and the trail is marked well with the usual red diamonds on the trees. After about an hour of steady uphill you break out of this stretch of uphill and are greeted with the first views of the West Lion.

The path to the summit is to your left (north) as you break out into this clearing. It is somewhat overgrown in this meadow area, but should still be easily visible. Follow this trail as it traverses a ridge and climbs towards the summit. Soon you are out of the trees and on more exposed walk. There are a few spots that might be considered a slight scramble where hands are needed, but it is not at all technical.

After ~30 minutes from the meadow you will be on the summit. Fantastic views of Howe Sound, the Lions, and Brunswick Mountain greet you. After taking in the summit either retrace your steps or connect with the Howe Sound Crest trail and make a loop over to Brunswick or the Lions.

Apparently the summit elevation is 1645m and not 1705 as sometimes indicated.

An August, 2008 Trip Report and photos are located here:


GPS Waypoints

Parking N49.47084 W123.23476 10U 482992 5479825
Water resevoir N49.47350 W123.23371 10U 483068 5480121
Watershed access road junction N49.47307 W123.23091 10U 483271 5480073
Mount Harvey Trail junction N49.46495 W123.22238 10U 483887 5479168