Mount Bishop (West Trail)

Route from Seymour Eastside Road in LSCR to Vicar Lakes and Mt Bishop in Mt Seymour Povincial Park


to Mount Bishop

Total Distance: 32.6 km (return)
Estimated Time: 14 hours
Average Grade: 7.8%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 1270 m
Start Elevation: 240 m
Max Elevation: 1510 m

to Vicar Lakes

Total Distance: 26.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 8 hours
Average Grade: 6.0%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 780 m
Start Elevation: 250 m
Max Elevation: 1030 m


You will need either to bike the Fisherman's Trail or the Seymour Valley trailway and the Hydraulic Connector to the Spur 4 Bridge over the Seymour River. From here you will bike to the 12.8 km mark on the Eastside Seymour Mainline and look for the trailhead on your right. The bike ride to the trailhead will be 1-2 hours one-way. The estimated time reflects this fact.

This trail is accessed via the Spur 4 bridge and then head up the Eastside Road in the LSCR. Trailhead is at 12.8 km and well marked with flags and an orange diamond at the start. You can access the Spur 4 bridge crossing by coming in from The Fisherman's trail which winds along the West Bank of the Seymour River or by walking/biking up the LSCR road to Hydraulic ck and then taking the right hand bike trail down from the outhouses, there.


Another typical North Shore Trail, steep and challenging ! Follow the orange tapes uphill to the Vicar Lake area, at 950m. There are ropes on the more difficult sections. Once you reach the lake go around it to the left and look for the trail up Mt Bishop which begins there. The Indian Arm Trail shares the route from the lakes upward, but you leave the trail in the upper meadows to gain Bishop's main summit. Return whence you came

This is rugged wilderness territory, so be well prepared, be fit and know your capabilities. Many parties will want to make this an overnight trip, camping is permitted within the boundaries of Mt Seymour Provincial park

The trail itself is approximately 7 km return off of the Seymour Valley Trailway. Return distance from the start of the trailway is estimated at 32.6 km.

Vicar Lake is the halfway point, timewise, on this trail to Mt Bishop from LSCR. There are Mmany fixed-ropes and steep sections. It's well-marked with a surprisingly well-established trailbed. At about 20 minutes into the trail, you come upon the grove of old growth containing The General and The General's wife. Just seeing these two trees is worth the effort to get there! This is a steep and strenuous route, and getting to the trailhead involves a 13km walk or bike ride (one-way) from the Rice Lake Gate.


GPS Waypoints

Lower Seymour parking lot (trailhead) N49.35052 W123.01492 10U 498916 5466423
Balloon Creek N49.37550 W123.00627 10U 499545 5469200
6 km mark N49.39698 W122.99708 10U 500212 5471588
Talon Creek N49.40399 W122.99524 10U 500345 5472367
9 km mark N49.41915 W122.98109 10U 501371 5474053
Road crosses trailway N49.42385 W122.97799 10U 501596 5474575
10 km mark N49.42457 W122.97316 10U 501946 5474655
Mount Bishop west trailhead N49.43847 W122.96207 10U 502750 5476201
Vicar Lakes N49.43495 W122.94696 10U 503846 5475810
Mount Bishop trail sign N49.43520 W122.94406 10U 504056 5475838
Viewpoint N49.43466 W122.93464 10U 504739 5475779
Marker rock N49.43049 W122.92812 10U 505212 5475316
Summit N49.43026 W122.92706 10U 505289 5475290