Windy Joe Mountain

A trail along an old service road leads to a decommissioned fire lookout in the Manning Park core area.


Total Distance: 15.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 5.5 hours
Average Grade: 8.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 654 m
Start Elevation: 1202 m
Min Elevation: 1189 m
Max Elevation: 1843 m


Follow Highway #3 (Hope-Princeton Highway) 67 km east of Hope to the intersection with a flashing amber light just past the Manning Park Lodge. Turn right onto the road and follow it for 1.4 km to the Windy Joe parking lot, located on the left-hand side of the road immediately after a bridge. If you reach the fork in the road for Lightning Lake and Strawberry Flats, you have gone too far.


The Windy Joe Mountain Trail follows an old, gravel service road to the top of a forested summit. The route can also be used as a moderate snowshoe during the winter months. Although the trail's destination is a fire lookout, trees at the summit block most good views of the Manning area. The fire lookout is intact and can be used as a shelter.

During the winter, the route from the trailhead on the Gibson Pass Road to the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail is not marked for winter travel - some route finding is necessary in the snow. The route on the old service road is easy to follow in the winter. The fire lookout shelter at the top can be used to sleep approximately 10 people but has no heat source.


GPS Waypoints

Similkameen Trailhead N49.06366 W120.79935 10U 660750 5436865
First Bridge N49.06046 W120.78945 10U 661484 5436531
Second Bridge N49.05846 W120.77771 10U 662348 5436333
Windy Joe Trail Junction N49.05766 W120.77550 10U 662512 5436249
Frosty Mountain Trail Junction N49.04779 W120.76435 10U 663359 5435176
Summit and Fire Lookout N49.04363 W120.75467 10U 664080 5434735