Mountain Lake Hut


Total Distance: 7.2 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 3 hours
Average Grade: 10.1%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 730 m
Start Elevation: 770 m
Max Elevation: 1500 m


As of Aug 16, 2012 both the Furry Creek and Brittania FSR's are closed for industrial use. Check the ministry site for road updates (

From Hwy 99 northbound, take the exit just past the top of the long hill climbing out of Furry Creek. This is the Brittania Creek FSR (exit is not available from southbound lanes).

After passing the gate, continue for 0.9 km and turn right on the Furry Creek FSR. Reset odometre. Ignore the connector road on the right at 1.4km. Ignore the down fork at 5.5km. Stay right at 8.5km and navigate a few waterbars. Park at approximately 10.5km as the road is no longer useable beyond the creek crossing the road at this point.

Vehicle type: 4WD helpful at 3km for long steep hill. Road has been accessed with low clearance vehicle (in 2010), but not recommended.


Continue along the deactivated logging road. At approximately 1.4km, turn left at the junction - this is the Cyrtina Creek Spur (the right branch is used for access to Chanter Ridge). Follow the flagged trail as it switchbacks up the old cutblock.

At the 3rd switchback (approx. 1260m), follow the flagged trail left (the flagged route to the right leads to Ben More). The trail passes through forest and is sidecut into moderately steep terrain. Exit the forest and follow cairns below the western wall of Ben More, contouring around to Wind Lake. Continue almost due north to Mountain Lake. Pass around the west side of the lake until the cabin becomes visible northwest of the lake.

Situated below the prominent summit of Mt Sheer to the northeast, the Mountain Lake Hut provides spectacular views of the Skypilot group to the north.


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