Hector Ferguson Lake


Total Distance: 36.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 11 - 12 hours
Average Grade: 3.5%
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: 635 m
Start Elevation: 125 m
Max Elevation: 760 m


Follows the East Canyon Trail at the start. Gold Creek parking lot.

It is possible to bike the first third/half of the trail to save time.


Elevation gain 650m.

The first 4 km is easy and uneventful hike along the logging road. Then the trail gets closer to the creek, and shortly after passes through a series of beautiful and deserted beaches.

Expect to have a good pace up to 10km mark.

At approximately Km10 you have to cross the creek(s) several times using log jams.

After that the trail deteriorates somewhat due to some deadfall and goes through nice old-growth forest.

It is very much worth getting over the Gold Creek crossing at ~11 km. There is an impressive stand of old growth red cedar and douglas fir once you've crossed.

There is plenty of camping spots on the beaches along the creek before the main ascent. One camping possibility is to camp on one of the gravel bars in the vicinity of the crossing.

The upper Gold Creek has a very remote feel to it, despite the proximity to the population centers.

Shortly before the lake there is a nice waterfall, unfortunately, poorly accessible.

The lake is pretty as with many other alpine lakes, albeit not spectacular, but once you're across the creek, you'll have the place pretty much to yourself. The lake shore is boggy and narrow and the lake is surrounded by fairly thick forest. There is some room for camping, but the better camping spot is what has already been mentioned.

There does not appear to be much in the way of side trips, although the ridge overlooking the lake might be worth a looking in to. Raven Peak itself is described as "unpleasant" by Fairley, but is an option.

Many books incorrectly report the round-trip distance to the lake as 28km. In reality, multiple independent measurements with GPS units indicate a round-trip of at least 36km - a significant difference!


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