East Canyon Trail

Multiuse trail shared by hikers, mt. bikes and horses


Total Distance: 22.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: 5 - 6 hours
Average Grade: Unknown
Structure: Linear - Return
Elevation Gain: Unknown
Start Elevation: Unknown


From the Golden Ears Park entrance, drive to the end of the pavement past the camp grounds and continue along the gravel road to it's end. Park here. The trailhead starts at the very far end of the lot by the cement barricade.


* Initially along a service road from the Gold Creek parking lot, then past a metal gate, then stay to your left when there is a branch.Rough trail once past the road.

* Follows the east side of Gold Creek

* Follow the road gradually uphill (flagged with orange markers)

* Debris from runaway creek beds cuts across the trail in several places.

* At the 2.5km sign is an old log bridge that has been swept aside.

* A little past the sign keep an eye out for a rough trail (partially a dry creek bed) there is sign indicating the Lower Falls. (as a side trip you can follow it downhill for a view of the falls. This route also leads to the upper falls.)

* At 4.5 km is Hiker's Beach. There is also an outhouse.

* At 6 km you reach Thistle Beach & even an island where you can camp, providing the water levels are below spring run off levels. After this point, the trail becomes a bit more rugged/washed out in sections until 10 km beach. This is an excellent spot to camp. An outhouse is in place. Those carrying on to Hector Ferguson Lake often use this as an overnight base camp for a day hike to the lake.

*Hector Ferguson Lake is another 4 kms from the end of the East Canyon Trail.


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