Bridle Trail

A trail running from Old Buck Trail in Seymour PP to Fisherman's Trail in LSCR


Total Distance: 5.0 km (one-way)
Estimated Time: 1.2 hours
Average Grade: 1.7%
Structure: Linear - One Way
Elevation Gain: 135 m
Start Elevation: 140 m
Min Elevation: 90 m
Max Elevation: 225 m


West trailhead is on Fisherman's Trail in Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, east side of the Seymour River, and can be accessed from the Rice Lake parking at the end of Lillooet Road (bus 228 from Lonsdale Quay). East trailhead is on Old Buck Trail a half km up from the parking lot at the Seymour Provincial Park entrance (bus 211 or C15 from Phibbs Exchange).


This trail was once a horse trail but is now mostly used by hikers and mountain bikers. The trail overlaps with both Baden Powell and Hyannis for short sections. From Old Buck Trail to Baden Powell Trail takes 40-45 minutes and is hiker-friendly. Baden Powell Trail to Hyannis Trail (15-20 minutes) has been altered to suit mountain bikes (rock pavement, corduroy road boardwalks, two fiddly detours added to the trail to make it more interesting for bikers) and hikers may not like it as much. Hyannis Trail to Fisherman's Trail (10 minutes) is a smooth hike on switchbacks up/down from the Seymour River. Can be combined with Old Buck, Baden Powell, Hyannnis or Fisherman Trails in loops.

There are numerous side trails, many but not all for mountain bikes. Not all intersections are marked, but most major ones are. The signpost at Bridle and Hyannis indicates two directions: the NSMBA map is correct, not the older metal plate.

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