Product Name:

GSI 20cm Lexan Bowl

Manufacturer: GSI
Group Name: Cook Sets/Utensils
Weight: 140.0 Gram(s)
Cost (MSRP): $4.10 CDN
Hitcount: 1775


Big enough for a hearty helping of soup, stew, or mashed potatoes and gravy, this bowl won’t quickly cool your food or burn your fingers as enamelled metal bowls can. It’s also light and rustproof.


Made of Lexan (polycarbonate)


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Title: No real purpose
Written by: LongShadow Created Time:3/18/2007 7:40:01 PM
Strengths: light
Weaknesses: not multifunctional
Conclusions: I bought the bowl, not sure why. It was cheap. Maybe that was it. Honestly haven't used it. It isn't practical to carry all sorts of junk into the backcountry. I typically eat out of my pot and if I need an extra pot, take my other Ti one - that way I can at least use it with my stove.
Review Based on: 4 Year(s)
Title: best light tableware
Written by: the bench Created Time:3/21/2008 3:53:18 PM
Strengths: cheap, light, packs well, doesn't transfer much heat
Weaknesses: none, except limited colours, for those who might care...
Conclusions: this bowl is a good size and a nice shape for the palm of your hand. even kids will not find it cumbersome.

i pack mine with clothes, or other stuffables that can disguise it's edges in the pack.

the lexan cleans up quickly, and unlike some other plastics, doesn't stain.

this GSI line is my preferred option over disposables for backyard/car camping tableware as well.

Review Based on: 2 Year(s)