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Toadstools to Truffles
By Rick (Chilliwack Jack)

I found this neat Mushroom out by Lindeman lake... can I eat it? I have 50 books on Mushrooms, and each one is different. Even I bring the unusual ones home to check up on, before trying them. Besides that's half the fun - to find them and bring them home and try to ID them.

Interview with Gordon White
By Jim Hamlin

I was a park ranger based out of the Lytton area for a summer back in 1984. It was like discovering an addictive sweet with the ability to discover one little area after another. I would go to my guidebook and visit new areas I hadn’t been to.

Between the Rock and a Boggy Place
By Taryn Eyton

We had been told the third day would be our hardest navigation day and waking up we were devastated to find that we had the worst weather for it. Two ridges needed to be ascended and descended and we also had to navigate through an interconnected system of ponds.

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